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Client Services

The following links access web pages that aid or benefit our clients in carrying on business with us in the most effective manner.
CLICK HERE to create a new secure Google CHECKOUT account for simple payment by credit card. 
  • This allows a client to use credit cards for fast simple payment of EIandCS invoices.  Each client must establish a personal CHECKOUT account one time.
  • Afterward, the client will able to make a one-click response to "request for payment" emails without every having to provide credit card data via email or telephone.
  • The account is secure, private and accessable only by the client via their own selected password.
  • NOTE, if you have an existing Google CHECKOUT account, this step is not necessary, you do not need to continue.
  • If you wish to continue and create a Google CHECKOUT account, click the above link.  A new web page will be opened, then click on the "Sign Up Now" blue button and follow the directions.


  •  The following processes can only be performed by authorized EIandCS personnel.
CLICK HERE to issue an email requesting credit card payment for an invoice.
CLICK HERE to check status and/or authorize previously sent payment requests.